Minnesota Lake Living, What’s not to Love?

Published on October 19, 2020

View of the lakesMinnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes! However, the state actually has more than 11,800 lakes that are larger than 10 acres each. That’s a lot of fresh water! This doesn’t even include the largest Great Lake that it touches, Lake Superior. Red Lake is the largest inland lake in Minnesota, clocking at 440 square miles. It is the 16th largest lake in the US and a popular destination for all to enjoy the water during all months. With all of those lakes, great land and beaches are easy to find. It gets cold during the winter but the spring, the summer, and the fall make up for all of those cold wintry nights.

With all the Shoreline in Minnesota it’s easy to find a beach to enjoy!

With close to 45,000 miles of shoreline, those lake names have multiple duplicate names. The most popular name you might ask, it’s ‘Mud Lake’, with over 200 of them. Typically lakes are named ‘Mud Lake’ because of the water quality being murky and muddy. The next most popular name is ‘Long Lake’, which are usually name after a long and narrow shape. I know for a fact that most states you look up you will find a couple lakes with these names in them. Another impressive stat is there are only 4 counties, out of the 87 in the state, that do not contain a lake.

Up North Fishing!If you’re in the mood for some fresh water fish, you’ve come to the right spot! Do salmon catch your fancy, or are rainbow trout more your speed? Whitefish, catfish, and pike are also popular catches in different lakes throughout the state. If you love being on the water and don’t want to fish, you can still set out a line for amusement, or just putter along and enjoy the views and sounds of the lake life.

You might ask yourself, what do else you do with all of this water?

Well really anything!

Minnesota Lakes, and the changing seasons

Here are a few ways to use and enjoy lakes during each of the seasons:

  • Spring: start getting your boat de-winterized, put the dock back in the lake, and start fishing!
  • Summer: boating, jet skiing, water skiing, knee boarding, fishing, wake-boarding, tubing, and swimming are a few examples of fun activities!
  • Fall: swimming when warm, fishing, and any other boating activity weather permitting before you put your boat and dock away for the winter.
  • Winter: ice fishing, pond hockey, ice skating, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing can be done on lakes or across lakes if you will. During those long winter days, it’s amazing to get out and get some fresh air, almost imperative to me at least!

From swimming to ice fishing, skating, boating, water skiing, jet skiing, there is something for anytime of the year to enjoy lake life. Fresh family fun is awaiting you at any of the wonderful Minnesota Lakes. A great place to live or always a wonderful place to visit!


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